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Fusion Stair Balustrading

Fusion Stair Balustrading can transform your staircase

Fusion Handrails

Fusion™ is a truly innovative new balustrading system created and designed by the Richard Burbidge product development team.

> Sleekly designed connectors fix the rails and newels
together and ingenious brackets fit the balusters to
the minimalist round handrails and baserails.

> Individually designed connectors create a distinct and
unique look that will breathe life and texture to your hallway.

>The Fusion™ of metal and timber creates a contemporary
look that will set your staircase apart.

> All Fusion™ components carry the Richard Burbidge
dovetail logo.

> The Fusion stair system is ideal for people converting their existing

> Fusion™ components have all been independently tested to
conform to UK Building Regulations, and are design registered
and Patent Pending.

In most cases there is no requirement to make any modifications
to components other than cutting the rails and newels to length.
The cuts don’t even have to be 100% accurate as the
sawn ends are hidden by the handrail connecting bracket.

Fusion Stair Balusters.

Fusion with painted stair strings

Fusion can still look stylish on staircases with painted stair stringers , this can reduce the cost of a new staircase or give you more scope to convert your existing staircase.

Fusion handrail fittings

Fusion offers Flexibility

> Fusion™ is suitable for domestic stair pitches between 38º to 45º, and handrail heights of 900mm for stairs and landings.

>The baluster brackets are designed to flex between 38º and 45º. Once fixed in place the ABS material they are made from means
they will remain at the correct angle (Fig. 3).

>The individual connectors allow significant adjustability to suit
the majority of popular staircase configurations (Fig. 1 & 2).

1. MMBCS (Bottom Connector)
The bottom connector can adjust to handrail pitches of between
38º and 45º.

2. MMTCS (Top Connector)
The top connector has a sleeve that allows movement up or down
to suit the pitch of the handrail.

3. MMSBSUK (Staircase Baluster)
Due to its unique flexible fin, the staircase baluster is able to
adapt to pitches of between 38º and 45º.

Fusion Oak Handrails

Fusion is available in a veriety of timbers in 2005 and 2006 Beech was very popular but now in 2007 the Oak range is the most popular. Fusion Oak Handrails are still the best selling handrail option for Fusion in 2014.

Fusion handrail timber options
Fusion Handrail Prices - Pine - Beech - Oak - Dark Hardwood | fusion white oak

Fusion Contemporary Fusion help Diagrams

Fusion can offer a simple uncomplicated staircase design

Fusion handrail system

Fusion stairparts Chrome Spindles

Fusion fittings chrome Handrail Fittings

Fittings for cut string staircasesChrome Fittings for Inermediate newel post

Fusion Help Diagrams
Fitting Fusion Stair parts
Order you Fusion online at the Lowest Prices Save around 46 %

Fusion Acrylic Panels

New Fusion Acrylic Stair Balustrade panels
The Fusion Range also offers Acrylic Balustrade panels these are available to order online through Tradestairs.com click on this link.

Help in working Out your Fusion Acrylic Requirments

S-Vision Glass Balustrade

S-Vision the New Solution for Glass Balustrades

Fusion Handrail System Fusion is a revolutionary new stair balustrading system produced from a combination of timber, metal and ABS plastic components.
Fusion is currently the leading range of contemporary stair balustrade components available on the market today.
This system offers exeptional value and has the widest range of fittings to cope with most situations.

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