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Cut String Detail


Staircase Cut String Detail

As leading staircase manufacturers Stairplan understand quality is a major part in satisfying customers - Cut string staircases demand the highest skills from joiners and Stairplan produce the highest quality cut string staircases available in the market.

Stairplan use the Traditional return nosing and the "Cut and Mitred" string detail the staircases can be specified with or without a bracket.

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Closed String staircases ?

Cut String Staircases available from Stairplan.

Prescott Oak Cut String Staircase

More Photo's of this Staircase

The Prescott Staircase above is a High specification Oak Cut String Staircase with Bespoke newel posts and Spindles, the Spindles are 56mm and they are also turned to specific lengths to suit this staircase rise, you can see there are 2 lenghts of spindles, they are level with the tread on the bottom and inline with the handrail at the top.

The Oak is American White oak - this staircase has been decorated with a medium Oak Colour.

The Brooklyn Cut String Staircase

Brooklyn Oak Cut String Staircase

The Brooklyn staircase ( Our Featured Staircase) is a Oak cut string staircase with a Ascending Volute detail, The oak in this staircase is "Super Prime" american White oak - this staircase has had a medium colour oak stain when decorated.

More Photos on the Ascending Volute
Ascending Volute video.
Bespoke Spindles video.

Oak Wreathed Cut String Staircse

Wreathed oak cut string staircase

Here you can see a Oak Cut String staircase with a curve in the corner this is known as a wreathed string detail the handrail also has to follow the curve again this is called a wreathed handrail detail, this staircase also has a ascending volute detail where the handrail starts at the bottom of the staircase.
More on this oak staircase

Pine Cut String Staircase

PineCut String Staircase

This staircase is a Pine Cut string staircase this time with a standard Volute handrail detail - The handrail components are in Hemlock. Hemlock stairparts

Oak Cut String Staircase

Oak Cut String with Quarter landing

This staircase is a Oak cut string staircase This staircase has a traditional handrail volute detail in european oak - the staircase is a quarter landing staircase sometimes desribed as a dog leg staircase.

Bespoke Staircases

Closed String staircases

Cut string staircases crafted to the highest standards - visit our staircase showroom in Telford.

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